Who We Are?

The Almarifah Institute (AI) was launched by selected Filipino graduates of Islamic University of Madinah in 2020 as a private education institution that offers intensive online courses and undergraduate programs completely tuition-free. 


AI seek to bring hope, growth and opportunity to all and disseminating authentic knowledge and research through online education.

To be a beacon of authentic Islamic knowledge and other field of education.

      We want to enable AI to provide quality education through recognized scholars. With independent study online courses, as well as live lectures and classroom instructions AI will makes quality education, convenient and less costly.

     AI plan to establish Islamic higher education in Southern Philippines /BARMM region to produce and develop more law abiding Muslims, scholars and community builder.

     AI believes that authentic Islamic education play a fundamental roles in strengthening respect for human rights and fundamental Islamic perspective of freedom and promoting understanding and tolerance.

  • Convey the message of Islam through Online Education.
  • Attract both Muslim and non-Muslim in the world particularly in the Philippines to pursue Islamic education regardless of diversity in order to strengthen their connection with Islam and its civilization.
  • Produce highly educated and trained Islamic researchers and scholars who have a sound understanding of Islam.
  • Initiate join Islamic research with other recognized institution to provide practical solutions for some particular issues facing the Muslim Community.
  • Produce new generation of Muslims to serve Islam and da’wah according to the authentic principles of Islam.
  • Provide the opportunity for Islamic education to students from different cultures through internet to provide distance learning with minimal cost.
  • Offer quality Islamic course and programmes that maintain the authenticity of Islamic knowledge and research.
  • Helping students develop self-knowledge related to Islamic preferences by providing educational information to guide student’s aspiration in understanding the wisdom of Islam and the ultimate purpose of creations.
  • Ensure financial stability and growth through volunteers and developing a community of supporters.
  • Expecting Allah’s rewards: AI believes that rewarding their efforts is not limited to the earthly reward; instead they count on rewards from Allah in service.
  • Opportunity: AI is an online-based at minimal cost that mean to all Muslim and non-Muslim regardless of cultures and student stability. The Institute intends to removes the barriers of acquiring authentic Islamic knowledge to all qualified students anywhere in the world by offering its programmes through distance Islamic education.
  • Quality and Excellence: AI provides quality and online education that suitable in different cultures. The Institute assesses and evaluate all aspect of its academic model to ensure continues excellence and improvement of performance and outcomes.
  • Moderation: The Institute is committed to the Islamic methodology of moderateness without excesses or negligence.
  • Justice: The Institute is committed to achieving justice and equal opportunity and fair dealing.
  • Partnership: The Institute is committed to providing opportunity for all beneficiaries to participate in decision-making and contribute to enabling the Institute performs its mission and achieve its objectives.
  • Transparency: The Institute is committed to clarity and credibility in dealings relating to its general performance.

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