Steps to

Admission Requirements


Payment for Registration

Steps to Apply

  1. Color passport-sized Photo (Required)
  2. IDs (Passport, Resident ID, Voters, Driving license,

Postal, etc.) (Optional)

  1. High School Diploma (if any)
  2. Other Supporting documents.
  1. Await the email from the registrar confirming acceptance into AI. This may take a few days.

    1. Upon receiving the acceptance email, proceed to pay the Registration Fees of Php 1,800  or 150.00 SR (Saudi Riyal). The instruction to do so will be sent with acceptance email.
    2. After you have paid you will be registered for the semester.


    Note: Attention!!!

    1. Have all your personal information and required documents ready.
    2. Use an email that you check regularly. This email address will be used to sent you all necessary information and also for our regular correspondence with you throughout your studies. You might consider and better for you to create new email address for response of your study with AI.
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